Microsoft Azure Consulting Services

Microsoft Azure provides a powerful cloud ecosystem for businesses to leverage open-source technology solutions and eliminate all infrastructure hassles.

Are you looking to find the most reliable Microsoft Azure consulting services USA? You can rely on Apple Consulting Group to meet all your needs in a most efficient way. Our solutions are extremely flexible and you can find them highly scalable as well. We get the job done in a responsible and reliable way to fulfill your objectives.

You can contact us for a broad range of Microsoft Azure consulting services USA including migration to Azure, rebuilding infrastructure as code, data management and analytics, application development and many more. Our professional consultants focus on creating long term technology roadmaps to take care of you future requirements.

Your cloud architecture is efficiently implemented by our sophisticated consulting services using most advanced technology. Our professionals work as trusted companions to materialize all your digital transformation requirements in a systematic way. You can associate extreme cost effectiveness with our consulting services.

Be future-Ready

With continuous innovation from Microsoft we support your cloud development today, and your product visions for tomorrow. Let Apple Consulting Group help to migrate your applications to AZURE Cloud.

Build on your terms

Apple Consulting Group can get you running quickly with purpose-built planning models which include prebuilt calculations, dashboard, and reports. Create out of the box custom planning and forecasting.

Leave it to the Cloud

Our team of experts help you leverage the power of unmatched data security in the cloud followed by complete compliance assurance as per enterprise and government regulations of your country. Reach out to us.

We excel in utilizing all features of the cloud and produce a personalized operation experience while staying cost effective, secure and reliable.

Here are some of the Microsoft Azure services that we can deliver to your company:

Migrate to Azure

Use Apple Consulting Group Technology experts to move your applications and infrastructure into the Azure cloud.

Infrastructure as Code

Apple Consulting group can rebuild your infrastructure as code, giving you flexibility never before possible.

Data Management & Analytics

We utilize data analytics embedded in Azure for better forecasting and smart business decisions thereby containing risks and losses.


Apple Consulting Group can ease your day to day operational burdens, let us do the routine, let us take the load off your employees.

Application Development

We provide tailored solutions for web apps, web services or any custom build applications to suit the exclusive capabilities of the cloud.