SAP Consulting Solution

At Apple Consulting Group, we not only master SAP technologies from end to end. We have built unique accelerators to help you unleash the business potential of new SAP HANA technologies for differentiated advantage.

Businesses always need the most suitable technology platform to establish a strong foundation for future growth. You can contact Apple Consulting Group to make use of the best software to ensure digital transformation. As a reliable SAP implementation specialist Connecticut, we offer the most advanced and dependable solutions for our customers.

If you want to contour tasks, regulate expenses, and enhance the visibility of business function across the organization, you can hire us. SAP ERP implementation is widely accepted as the best solution for all types of businesses. Our experienced, qualified, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals address your information technology and business challenges in a perfect way. 

You can hire us for customized SAP implementation specialist Connecticut services. Our experts assess your needs in a detailed way and develop scalable SAP implementation solutions that fulfill those requirements in the best possible way. We blend quality and affordability in a harmonious way to deliver the best user experience.

Cloud Management

Your business never stops. We make transition to new SAP HANA technologies seamless and effective.

Industry Insight

Whether in healthcare or manufacturing, our specialist industry experience and accelerators are the fast-track to success.

Powerful and Reliable

Our SAP infrastructure, cloud and operations expertise ensure you establish the foundation for innovation and growth.

Ready for the future, get SAP heritage

SAP HANA is set to become the business platform of choice in the new digital economy. Apple Consulting Group supports you every step of the way, with solutions and services that span the continuing management and rationalization of existing SAP instances while maintaining focus of the critical shift to HANA.

SAP Consulting and Digital transformation

Ensuring SAP HANA fits your business, we will prepare a practical roadmap with clearly defined business benefits and technical definition.

SAP Digital Solutions

Let Apple Consulting Group guide you through continuous innovation with SAP, optimize current SAP landscape with HANA and transform your business taking full benefit of S/4 HANA practices across core business functions.

SAP Cloud Platform

Accelerate your innovation journey by enhancing your SAP Digital Core with agility and taking full advantage of mobility, social, analytics and IOT.

SAP Application Management

Apple Consulting Group provide application transformation, development and ongoing management of your SAP landscape

New dimension Infrastructure

Benefit from the most powerful and scale SAP HANA solution on the market.

Our SAP-certified experts can provide the right level of assistance to fill any internal gaps in IT expertise, including:

On-demand support

Collaborative support for fully managed end-to-end solutions

Standard and custom SAP ERP implementations (including S/4 HANA)

Customized Solutions

Our certified experts can customize your SAP solution by working with you to:

Assess ways to optimize your solution

Create a strategic roadmap for implementation

Fulfill development requests to support improvements

We are always available to share our expertise and assist your efforts in creating a best-fit solution for your business.

Apple Consulting Group has proven experience managing SAP services and technologies while supporting SAP customers globally. Tap our expertise to transform your vision into a reality.

Managed Infrastructure

We offer flexible hosting options for your SAP ERP applications, so you can choose the solution that meets your business requirements for a scalable infrastructure: