Amazon Web Services (AWS)

You Manage Your Business. We Migrate and Manage Amazon Web Services.

Cost Saving and Optimization

The need to reduce costs is likely influencing your move to the cloud. We can analyze your AWS configuration regularly, look for ways to save you money, and improve performance as your needs change.

Migrate to AWS Cloud

Moving to AWS can be intimidating and overwhelming for those without experience. We can use our proven methods to help reduce interruption and risk as you take this critical first step into the cloud.

Regulatory Compliance

All our application builds, migrations and deployments are performed in strict compliances with regulatory guidelines. Our certified experts help in end-to-end monitoring ensuring data confidentiality and security.

Regardless of your enterprise size, we render highly customizable AWS migration services to sync varying system landscapes. Our powerful solution helps you gain an edge in –  


Ideating and curating solutions to meet your enterprise outcomes and stay in compliance with the needs of the future. We make it immensely easy for your systems to adopt immediate upgrades without any hassle.


End-to-end migration activity lifecycle management with a razor sharp focus on minimized disruption and abbreviated risks in lift & shift of workloads. Mapping the legacy systems with the new cloud environments and making them scalable to accommodate futuristic expansion.


We perform all migration implementations with hyper-care to avoid any data leaks and sustain the security of your application portfolio. We ensure unlatching the best out of the AWS framework and produce a highly fortified environment.


Managing your AWS infrastructure internally is no small feat. It requires you to dedicate valuable IT resources who must continually evaluate new AWS features and assess how they could impact your configuration.


Optimizing the performance and cost of your AWS environment involves regularly analyzing your infrastructure and usage. It also requires continually assessing your users’ needs — and how new AWS features and services can help meet them as they evolve.

If your valuable resources are focused on the day-to-day of managing AWS, chances are they aren’t focused on higher-value activities that drive business growth.

Our certified Architects have deep expertise using AWS at scale. We can design and build a solution specific to your business needs — one that incorporates best practices for security, reliability and scalability.

As a Leader in Professional and Managed Services for public cloud infrastructure, here at Apple Consulting Group we deliver unbiased guidance on best-fit managed cloud solutions to organizations around the globe.

 We go beyond simple migration assistance and cloud infrastructure management with multi-cloud managed services, professional services and managed application services to enable true digital transformation.

Here are some of our Amazon Web Services (AWS) Offerings:

Migrate to AWS

End-to-end ideation, design and migration of your applications on the legacy system infrastructure to the AWS cloud

Infrastructure as Code

Apple Consulting group can rebuild your infrastructure as code, giving you flexibility never before possible.

Data Management & Analytics

AWS provide unique ways to analyze data and store it long term, allowing better business decisions to be made.


Apple Consulting Group can ease your day to day operational burdens, let us do the routine, let us take the load off your employees.

Application Development

We can build your custom applications, websites, web services tailored to utilize the clouds’ unique capabilities.