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By Admin / October 17, 2020


The customer is a retail brand with an impressive footprint in the Asian region. The customer’s legacy system lacked a central “system of record” for product information. Product data and assets were stored and managed in multiple, disparate systems across the enterprise. Manual “hand-keyed” efforts to add items and content were inefficient, often leading to inconsistencies and poor data quality.

As a result, the business faced operational disruption and lost opportunities. Therefore the business was looking for the best SAP ERP company to associate.

Apple Consulting Group (ACG) extended its end-to-end SAP ERP services for achieving a single view of trusted product information. The information after deployment was expected to be consumer-ready for CRM systems.


Given our staunch expertise in SAP ERP Consulting , ACG prepared a detailed roadmap with a vision to achieve the following –

  • Reduce time-to-market for new product launches: A solution eases the process of introducing new items, as details can be quickly added and disseminated across every channel.
  • Support larger product catalogs: provide a scalable solution to continuously manage all information efficiently across the business. Private labels and product lines can be introduced quickly without a strain on resources.
  • Ensure a consistent Omni channel experience: Ensure correct, brand sanctioned information is available across all online sites, print catalogs, store displays, kiosks, mobile apps, and more. This gives the consumer confidence in purchasing the products, no matter the channel.

The Solution

Retail specific taxonomy and data model including product relationships for ingredients, nutritional, packaging, assets, claims, and more. The following data artefacts were targeted for migration from legacy to SAP systems.

  • GDSN Major Release 3 certified to connect with trading partners.
  • Syndication templates for non-GDSN participants to accelerate publication and data flows.
  • Cloud-ready with fastest go-live times and lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.
  • Ability to create product labels, product sheets and nutrient documents

Post Implementation Benefits
Keeping intact to our motto of offering the best SAP ERP services in US, we successfully achieved the following KPIs for the implementation.


  • Employs a dynamic, flexible data modelling architecture
  • Time-phased pricing management
  • Dynamic Data Modeling manages data as XML

Workflow management tools to enable, automate, and enforce best practices in data integration