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By Admin / October 17, 2020


The customer is a leading financial services provider and had the process deployed on PeopleSoft 9.0. The ACG team assisted the customer in implementing upgrades to version 9.2 whose support is available till 2030.

The customer’s PeopleSoft environment was highly customized that made upgrading a complex affair. Additionally, the business wanted to undergo a global deployment of HCM. Since the business operates in more than 10 countries, the system was not providing support to international languages.

With the new version, the business would provide a better customer experience. Given our vast experience in Peoplesoft consulting services, the customer approached us to perform the upgrade.

The Process

With a strong foundation in ERP implementation, the ACG team executed the following process flow to identify key gaps, suggest iterations and perform the upgrade.


The ACG team performed deep Fit – Gap analysis to outline the degree of customization and the leftover features of the new version. After thorough analysis, few features were identified to be in complete sync with the latest version (FIT) while several others were underscored as (GAPS).

Based on the Fit – Gap analysis, the actual scoping of the project was outlined with complete details about the line items of developments and other post-upgrade activities. Since the business chose to incorporate the latest features for both HCM and Financials, relevant configurations and custom code were done to suit the expected functionality in the new environment.

Post careful upgrade to the production systems, the ACG teams conducted a comprehensive training program for the customer’s functional teams. Given the differences in the Old versus New ecosystems, the teams were introduced to the contemporary features followed by strategic ways to fasten response times and foresee the organizational impact.


The business was undergoing multiple projects and other competing initiatives while the new upgrade had to be moved to production. The strategic refresh project covered a lineup of new implementations and modifications to Siteminder, shared file servers followed by platform wide changes to Access Control procedures and other security protocols.

Few of complexities encountered and resolved include –

  • First-time integration of Siteminder with PeopleSoft apps
  • Absolute new system architecture for Shared File servers
  • System architecture difference in HCM and Financials
  • New security design for Access Control procedures

Post Implementation Benefits

Using our Pleoplesoft consulting services , the business confirmed the following benefits–

  • Lessened maintenance hassles
  • Better compliance with mobility
  • Faster response times
  • Better organizational visibility