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By Admin / October 17, 2020


The customer is a leading player in the FMCG sector with an impressive spread across North America. Given the agility of data exchange among verticals, the organization was exploring possibilities to lessen the burden in the digital space.

In an endeavor to integrate data with core business processes, the business stumbled upon multiple roadblocks. They were looking for the best SAP S/4 HANA services and address the following gaps –

  • Taut processes that don’t respond to transforming ecosystems
  • Reporting complexities and thus delay in change requests
  • Outdated user interfaces and overall customer experience
  • Lack of integration possibilities and process transparency

Apple Consulting Group (ACG) assisted the customer in their journey to adapt digital transformation within the SAP S/4 HANA Cloud ecosystem. After a thorough analysis of the customer’s ERP landscape, ACG prepared a detailed blueprint to achieve rapid implementation of new business models.


A global technology platform that synchronizes with the nuances of the production environment with ease. Our suite of SAP S/4 HANA consulting suite provides a comprehensive digital business framework to digitalize operations across six pillars, including customer, supplier, workforce, assets, operations, and supply chain

With the proposed legacy to cloud migration, the business foresaw the following advantages –

With focus on delivering the best products at the best prices, the company recognized how a digital transformation could make it simpler to get businesses done internally and to ensure quality products to customers worldwide.

ACG implemented SAP S/4 HANA to replace the existing legacy system and provide a digital core. This enhanced the production process, stock management, and reporting as well as easier access to HR data. Thus, the customer was able to achieve better business growth while scaling new growth in the digital economy.


Post Implementation Benefits

ACG replaced the customer’s existing legacy system with SAP S/4HANA with a focus on the enhanced production process, stock management, and reporting. Hence, this improved the integration and processes throughout the organization.

Furthermore, the following benefits were achieved:

  • Transformed integration to deliver internal inefficiencies
  • Improved visibility by replacing manual spreadsheets with functionality for automated material requirements planning
  • Abbreviated costs through a reduction in the number of resources
  • Decreased inventory levels and improved inventory management

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