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By Admin / October 17, 2020

Customer Background

The customer is a relatively new café brand with a chain of outlets across Northern India. As the business grew, the brand wanted to pursue the QSR model that can accommodate more customers in the given timelines every day. This includes facilities for takeaways, drive through pickups and in-house sitting.

The company was managing all sales, marketing and customer support processes on MS Excel which wasn’t a feasible choice to handle the growing enterprise landscape.

Apple Consulting Group (ACG) assisted the customer in the swift transition to SAP Cloud that not only lessened the manual dependency but also provided centred data visibility across all outlets.


Since the customer expected a robust cloud solution that could streamline & optimize sales/marketing/service processes, we implemented an SAP Cloud for Customer solution that gave them a scalable cutting edge SMAC feature-set while taking away the pain, inaccuracy, & person dependency of the current processes. Subsequently, a series of workshops were conducted for as‐is business processes to identify key business points and challenges

While scoping our approach, we identified the following milestones –

Design a system that is scalable and user- friendly keeping in mind the explosive customer growth plans

Bring in the streamlined approval process which was missing previously

Tackle the core task of streamlining day-to-day sales and back-office activities


Based on our blueprint sessions with the customer, the following CRM design architecture was prepared following which the identification of artefacts and their transportation was commenced. We mapped the current process integration points with back-end SAP ECC for SAP Cloud for Customer and finalized the scope

  • We mapped the business processes using system configuration
  • Then we did Solution walkthrough to demonstrate the configured solution and get buy-in
  • We developed as per plan and then set up and tested the integrations with respect to ECC, Mobile and Outlook
  • We did the post-implementation verification and launched

After the successful implementation of the design solution, we delivered –

  1. Enablement for end-users
  2. Onsite support for go-live activities

Post Implementation Benefits

  • As a fast-growing consumer brand, the customer benefitted from –
  • Standardized processes for all pre‐sales activities bringing in complete efficient and transparency to entire org
  • Easy-to-use, multi-device, cross-platform application with Outlook integration making for very happy & productive sales team
  • Streamlined customer feedback mechanism with necessary SLAs and enhancing customer satisfaction